Successful Married Life Guaranteed is World’s No. 1 Matrimonial Portal which has come up with an idea of providing end to end matrimonial solutions to our clients. We have touched the lives of no. of people in India as well as in Canada, US, UK, Australia etc.

We are not just a portal we know how precious wedding moments are for you. Let’s make these moments memorable for everyone. provides Elegant, Reliable and 100% secure Vivah(Marriage) with:

Our pre-Matrimonial checks:

  • Fidelity Checks: Marriage without a Fidelity check is a big gamble!
  • Health Checks:Successful marriage also depends upon the body fitness of couple.Health checks before marriage helps to find any physical disorder and cure on time rather than waiting for the disaster.
  • Family Checks: Finding out the history of family, moral values, culture, vision, religion, spiritual beliefs etc.
  • Financial Checks: We ensure that the details given by the Bride and the Groom are authentic and there is no financially instability.

Meeting Places: brings to you a wide variety of meeting places in every city so that you can fix a meeting with your prospective partner and his/her family. allows you to choose the meeting places according to your budget from a wide range of options.

  • Budget Meeting Places
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Guest House

Vivah planning: has various featured renowned vendors around the world that provides good quality services and special discounts for users.

Budget Vivah: helps you to select the vendors for your marriage according to your budget
Vivah Venue: provides an option to locate and plan for a unique venue to make your wedding day truly memorable.
Vivah is Renowned for its Services. A number of wedding decorators are associated with it.
Invitation Card:Invitation is the first step towards a marriage.Planning and the selection of wedding cards is a very important part of any wedding. Well worded and beautiful designed available with us.

Horoscope: provides a 100% accurate horoscope according to the rituals. The success and failure of Vivah depends upon the compatibility between partners. is providing free horoscope services to the registered users

  • Match Making
  • 100% Accurate Horoscope
  • Know Your Stars
  • Know Your Personality

Vivah Personalized Services: is offering Personalized Service to our users. These Personalized Services are Portfolio Designing:Our expert team will visit at your place to take down all the details along with snap/pictures of Girl/Boy to make beautiful portfolio which will be showcased to perspective aspirant.

Personality and Horoscope Matching: Our panel consists of renowned PanditJi /Astrologer.  We strictly go by the scientific way of match making. After 100% satisfaction only, we approach our clients with the proposal.   Milan (Match making) is not only done through horoscope, but also through personality checks, to ensure couple lives very successful and happily married life.

Meeting at Our Own Places: We provide our own meeting lounge for meeting where both the parties can comfortable discuss all kind of possibilities.  Our Meeting Lounges are available all over India

End to End Marriage Support: We have an expert team of over 100 people to provide end to end support, starting from portfolio designing to match making to arranging and mediating meetings, to Vivah Planning, Event Management, and last but not the least till honeymoon planning.

Vivah Costumes: 

Vivah costumes are an important part of marriage preparation. helps you better.

Bridal Costumes: Each married women is sentimental about her Vivah costumes. bridal wears are rich and touches the inner soul of a lady.
Groom Costumes: is into Groom’s costumes like Sherwani’s, Pajama Kurtas, groom tuxedo suits etc.
Bridal Jewelry & Accessories: Bridal jewelry &Bridal Accessories including Footwear, Perfumes, Purses and Watchesetc. are available with
Groom Accessories: All Giant Vendors are brought together by for a very special occasion and to offer discounts on Groom’s Accessories.

Vivah Insurance:

We dream for a happy and successful marriage and spend millions of rupees.  However a small ignorance could lead to regret for all the life. has brought Insurance companies who provide Vivah Event Insurance and get your event 100% secured and tension free.

Honeymoon Planning: suggest new places for Honeymoon which not only give lot better experience to couple but also makes them to visit again and again at same place. comprises of a very hardworking team to provide an ultimate and a remarkable search Experience with end to end matrimonial services.

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