Bengali Vivah’s are famous for there tradition and culture. A Bengali Vivah is divided into four parts. These are:

  • Bride’s gaye holud
  • Groom’s gaye holud
  • Vivah ceremony
  • Reception

Wedding ceremony may last upto several days. The first event in the wedding is engagement: The groom presents a ring to the the bride it is sometime called Ashirwaada.

A Bengali Hindu Rituals can be divided into the following parts:

  • Pre Vivah Rituals: Adan Pradan, Paatri Paatra, Ashirvada, Aai Budo Bhaat, Vridhi, Dodhi Mangalam, Holud Kota, Adhibas Tatvaa, Kubi Patta, Snaan, Saankha Porano.
  • Vivah Rituals: Bor Boron, Potto Bastra, Saat Paak, Maala Badal, Subho Drishti, Sampradaan, Yagna, Saat Pak (couple), Anjali, Sindur Daan and Ghoomta
  • Post Vivah Rituals: Baashar Ghar, Baashi Biye, Bidai, Bouu Boron, Kaal Ratri, Bouu Bhaat, Phool Sajja, Dwira Gaman understands your values for these traditions and so we provide lots of planning options according to your needs.We provides end to end matrimonial solutions to our clients which includes Pre-matrimonial checks, Free Horoscope,Meeting places, Vivah advice and Costumes,Honeymoon packages and many more.

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