In India marriage is not only between two individuals rather it is between two families. A bride has to not only marry with the groom but has also to adjust with his family members. Family values play a very important role for a successful marriage. It is not always easy to leave your entire past life and adjust to the whims of a new family.

Whether you are moving to a conservative family from a modern family(vice versa), or from a medium class family to a high class family(vice versa),  Vivahzone provides coaching and Mentoring in all aspects and relieves the tension of brides to be.

Some of the tips are:

Breaking the ice: The most important time to make a first impression on your in-laes is the first meeting with them. Try to spend some time on knowing some specific things about your prospective in-laws before you meet them properly. This will help you to understand what makes them tick and you will be able to break the ice in the first meeting.

Arti who married a couple of months before did exactly the same. She took some chocolates for her brother-in-law as she got to know he was a big fan of chocolates. Everybody was laughing at the moment she gifted the chocolates to him and this helped Arti to break the ice.

There are much more ways with us  to break that ice .

Learning to Adjust: It is not easy to leave all the habits of your past life and adopt the new culture at once. If you show your openness to the culture and family values, the in-laws will also try to be flexible for you. After all if they love their daughter in law, they will accept you for what you are. But if you are rigid from the beginning itself, they would also be more adamant.

Dealing with problems: The marriage will not always be a bed of roses. This is a sensitive relationship and sometimes things go awry. The way to deal with the problems is to discuss it with the family members whom you are close.

Little things matter: The little things in your behavior can make miracles and enhance your chances of being accepted. Remember they can accept you if you are not a great cook but if you cant even stand and serve the food, it will be a problem.

Make a friend: Make a friend in the family who would be always there to tell you about the family culture, values, etc

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