Marriage without a Fidelity check going to be a big gamble!!

Money can be earned again, but not the life of loved one.

Around 20% of marriages are broken due to Infidelity of partner.  Hence ensuring Fidelity checks are extremely important.  From the recent survey of we found that marriages are broken within 2 days due to this issue.  Please refer to below case studies:

Case: 1 - Mother Spend Approx. INR 3.5 crores on daughter marriage 

A widow lady who had only the daughter ensured best wedding of her daughter.  Given AUDI in the engagement ceremony and BMW in the marriage. Next day of the marriage, Girl was happily packing her luggage for the honeymoon while Boy was mulling how to get rid away from her.  Fortunately boy had moral values which pushed him to reveal the facts.  He told the girl that he love someone else and cannot go for the honeymoon with her.  Girl asked than why you married with me?  He said I was pressurized by the family for this marriage however now his soul is not allowing continuing further.

The Girl was shocked and all her dream went into vain in less than a minute. She attempted to settle the issue by accepting her old relation and urged to leave the girl. However boy was not ready for it.

All family members tried their best to settle this case; however boy was adamant and did not change his mind.  As a result girl was back home in two days of marriage.

Learning:  Avoiding authenticity checks can lead to ruining life.

1.    Still the positive aspect in this case was that Boy revealed the truth in very advanced stage, however the phenomena is that people spend their whole life with unethical person.