Successful marriage also depends upon the body fitness of couple.  Fulfilling sexual needs of both of them is an essential factor in a successful married life.  Health check before marriage helps finding any physical disorder and curing on time rather than waiting for the disaster. Pre-health check also prevents from genetic birth defects of children such as Down’s syndrome etc. It is essential for couples to undergo certain health checks before the marriage.  Lots of hospitals have specially designed packages for this healthchecks.

Refer  below case  of ignoring pre-health check:

Beautiful pair, everyone praised in the marriage, however boy was impotence and moreover Mother-in-Law was very dominating. Resulted in ruining the life of the Girl.  Girl came back home within a week time.

Such cases are more prevalent; however divorce happens on mutual consent than giving this reason. Save your loved one and ensuring budgeting less than INR 2000 for such checks.  Be Bold to ask such checks for the Groom.