Bridal jewellery is one of the most significant elements in Indian weddings. Bridal jewellery helps the bride to complete the attire and the overall look. Bridal jewellery is of different types which includes attractive necklace set, pendant set, rings, bracelets, bangles, or earrings and many more. In fact, it is very true that bridal jewellery happens to be one of the integral parts of Indian wedding. Generally, bridal jewelleries are made up of gold, silver, diamond, kundan and platinum. And it entirely depends on the tastes and likings of the bride and her parents. Budget is another crucial factor that determines the making of bridal jewellery. A large number of options are available nowadays regarding the selection of bridal jewelleries. Like for instance, if the budget is a bit high then one can also opt for designer jewellery and if the budget is too low one can even go for rented jewellery.

Bridal jewellery can be of different styles and material depending upon the preferences, budget and occasion. As there are several occasions in a marriage, the jewellery can be selected according to the occasion in which it has to be worn.

Light and simple jewellery can be used for the pre-wedding functions such as sangeet, engagement, mehendi etc

Main Bridal Jewelleries in India are as under:

The various popular types of bridal jewellery include Maangtika, Necklace, Earrings, Nose Ring, Bangles, Waistband, Anklets, and Toe rings. These jewelleries are mentioned as follows -

Maangtika - It is stylish bridal jewellery, which adores the bride`s centre parting. Different styles and designs of Maangtika with colourful gemstones are available. This centrepiece is an elegant

Earrings - The selection of earrings depends on the style and colour of the bridal wear. For instance, if the bridal attire is in shades of red or maroon or copper brown, then one should prefer gold jewelleries. If it is in pastel colour, delicate pearls and diamonds will suit the best.

Nose Ring - Nose rings are another elegant bridal jewellery piece and it must compliment the colour and style of bridal earring. Nose rings are conventionally called as `Nath`. Different shapes of nose rings have become a fashion statement today and these are also influenced by the customs and religions.

Necklace - Necklace is one of the most important and elegant bridal jewellery. It is chosen in accordance with designs and styles of the earrings as well as the nose ring.

Bangles - Bangles as well as the bracelets are symbols of Indian traditions and the traditions. Various varieties of bangles are chosen by the brides according to their selection of attire and other accessories. The designs of bangles should match the styles of necklace, earrings and the whole bridal attire.

Ring - Wedding cannot be completed without a ring, which is worn in the index finger. The ring marks the arrangement of wedding with the engagement function and is the first jewellery which is bought. If one is selecting gold jewelleries for the special day then gold ring is perfectly fine.

Waist Band - Waist band is worn with both saris as well as lehengas and has a wide variet from simple to the most heavy one.

Anklets And Toe rings - Anklets and toe rings are available in different stylish designs and shapes. It gives a stylish look to the bride`s toe flaunting her feet in an elegant manner.

Mattha Patti: It is a type of hair jewellery which is traditionally worn by South-Indian brides which has a tikka and chains draping over the hair & along the hair line. Matha pattis are now very much in fashion and worn by any Indian as well as Pakistni brides.

Kaleeras: Kaleeras are commonly a jewellery choice of sikh brides. Decorated domes to mimic coconut halves, which are hung from the wrists of the brides. The brides uncle will put these on her wrists in one of Indian pre-wedding ceremonies.

Mangalsutra:Mangalsutra  is the most important jewellery worn by Hindhu brides to symbolise their marriage.

Haath Panjas: It is the bridal jewellery for the hands of the brides. A bracelet & ring joined by a decorated ring which is worn by the bride in pairs – 1 on each hand. The  bridal jewellery wonderfully adds a charming effect to the entire look of the bride and also makes her look gorgeous and stunning on her wedding day


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