When to plan? Many couples start to think about honeymoon when their wedding day is very close or sometimes they don’t even plan it as they think we will think after marriage. The honeymoon should be planned well in advance as and it becomes more important if you plan to visit the popular destinations in the peak periods. The well planned honeymoon will minimize the disappointment and problems as compared to the honeymoon planned in a hurry.

Know your Budget: Budget is a very important step in planning a honeymoon as you cannot spend your lifetime savings just because this is your first vacation as couple. The best time to plan the budget for honeymoon is while planning the budget for your wedding.

Plan together: Planning the honeymoon together will help each of you to plan according to your desires. If you take decisions together, the honeymoon will be memorable and attractive to both of you.

Make your decision: Making a decision on how you want your honeymoon to be should be on a top priority. Whether it should be a once in a lifetime adventure? A family blending experience? It should be far away or close to your home? Do you want to go for city, shopping, museums, nightlife, eating?

Look for the best deal: You should be resourceful while choosing between the various deals available for honeymoon. Look for the deals which can turn an average honeymoon into an extraordinary one.

A room: Room is very important as it is a major contributor in making your trip memorable as you are going to spend the moments of togetherness. You should choose the room well in advance and book it so that you don’t have to make this selection in a hurry.

Accessories and Documents: You should start gathering the important accessories as well as documents a few weeks prior to your departure. These can be such as camera, passport, visa, tickets, credit cards, travel documents, driver’s license, contact numbers, local currency etc.

Your honeymoon period is the time to celebrate your marriage together as a married couple. It should be a lifetime experience for you. This does not necessarily mean that you spend your life’s earnings., but it should reflect the shared interests.
Now the question arises…Where to go for a honeymoon? There are many choices to make and many plans to be made but most of them will be in place once you decide where to go?

Cruise Honeymoon:

Cruise Honeymoon is romantic as well as exploring. You can combine your wedding and honeymoon on a cruise. You can get pleasure from the sea air and activities and facilities of the cruise. You can see beautiful places and scenery while floating on the sea.

Adventurous Honeymoon:

Many couples prefer the adventure on the traditional ways of honeymoon. It depends on the choice of both the partners whether they want to go for adventure or the other ways.

Island Honeymoon:

Island honeymoon is the correct mix of romance and exploration.It includes  adventure tours, exciting activites, diving, snorkeling etc. Here you can relax on beach and enjoy the view of sunset

City Honeymoon:

Many couples choose the city honeymoon which is enclosed with lights and lively activities. This is a great option for the shopaholics and they can also enjoy sightseeing, trips to museums or happening places.

Spa & Pampering Honeymoon:

Honeymoon is all about getting pleasure & comfort in every second spend together. These type of honeymoons pamper the couples with royalty.

Safari Honeymoon:

One can also enjoy the honeymoon in safaris with the right accommodation available for you. For eg. Africa’s perfect backwoods regions and tropical islands.

Beach Honeymoon:

Honeymoon is a moment for one to rejoice the relationship and create beautiful memories for life. Private beach with a lot of peace is an ultimate way for a honeymoon.

There are many private beaches having well-trained and judicious staff. All the needs are met in a beach honeymoon. The meals are delivered at a pre arranged time and the housekeeping is done in the similar way to make sure that no one is disturbed during the personal moments. One can take a romantic walk during sunrise along the shores, play in the wonderful sand beaches, laze around and read a book, embrace up in the comfortable sofa and can have a dreamy moonlit dinner. There are enormous things which one can do in this kind of honeymoon package.

Underwater Honeymoons:

Imagine yourself surrounded by countless and beautiful fishes, bubbles rising and underwater plants. Isn’t it exciting? This excitement can reach its peak if you are experiencing the underwater honeymoon in the company of your beloved.

Vivahzone gives you opportunity to plan your honeymoon in one of the most beautiful underwater locations around the world.

Backwater Honeymoon:

Enjoying a romantic and intimate luxury houseboat stay on the kerela backwaters is the perfect honeymoon destination for some couples.