Self grooming not only helps you in giving a style to yourself but also includes how you carry yourself, what are your gestures and how your body language is, and how are your communication skills. In brief, it is the art of having confidence and carrying oneself off with grace at all times to project a presentable appearance to the world.

In a wedding, bride is the holder of maximum attention. All the guests and relatives want to take the first glance at the bride. Also, every girl wants look gorgeous like a celebrity on her wedding day. This beauty cannot be gained in 2-3 hours of bridal makeup. It should reflect through her skin as well as her body language. This can be achieved if she plans her grooming schedule well in advance.

For a boy too, a wedding is a very important milestone in his life. The transformation from carefree bachelor to a responsible husband is special as well as challenging for him. Like a bride, a groom should also appear his best on the wedding day.

To ensure that this transformation is smooth and easy for him, the potential groom should follow some grooming techniques to prepare him mentally as well as physically.

Here are some of the tips to earn you respect and admiration:

  • Skin Care: Skin care is very important on personal grooming. It includes finding out the ways to make your skin free of blemishes and have a radiant look.
  • Hair Style: You should figure out what hairstyle will suit you and then you should adopt the same. You should know when to use off the face hairstyle and when to have a on the face hairstyle.
  • Dental Care: Finding out the best possible ways to have sparkling teeth means that you care for your dental problems. You should have right methods and tips ready with yourself to avoid dental problems and bad breath.
  • Nail Care: Proper nail care with the well planned manicure sessions, choose of right colors for nails etc should be well known to you.
  • Walking the right way: Make sure you walk the right way. One should know how to adjust his walking style that suits the best based on your age, height and weight etc.
  • Dressing Elegance: An analysis on finding out what to wear and what color will give you the best look would certainly help to change your personal look. One should consider the skin tone, hair color, etc. while selecting your dress code.
  • Diet & Exercise: You can also go for diet & exercise program for your personal grooming. It gives you good posture as it affects your core muscles. When you exercise, you build yourself esteem and great confidence.
  • Accessories: Selecting the right accessories like bags, sunglasses, watches, jewellery, shoes, ans others can actually transform your complete look.
  • Visualize overall look: Wearing no makeup at all will have the same negative impact as wearing too much of it. You should visualize the overall look that you are going to sport before and after marriage and to select your apparels accordingly.
  • Adjustment to family culture (for bride): Every family has its own culture and values. A bride is expected to gradually adapt all those family customs, values and culture. For this she should be prepared well in advance.

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