Telugu Vivah and ceremonies are traditionally conducted in telugu and are a strong reflection of customs and culture of Andhara,
These marriage ceremony may last upto few days.
It is well said in telugu language, Marriage is not between two peolpe but it is between two families. All the relatives and friends takes part in every aspect of the ceremony. The planning is itself a part of the Vivah celebration.
Some of the telugu marriages are done in the temple(in the presence of god) with a faith of great success but due to the large gathering they are arranged outside.

All the customs in the telugu Vivah holds religious significance. One of the most important part of the rituals is to offer food to everyone who comes on an auspicious day. Each wedding ceremony has its own importance. Before wedding ceremony, families renovate their houses and decorate there houses with flowers and mango leaves. One of the custom is to invite all the guests by going to each of their houses with the ‘kumkum’. understands your values for these traditions and so we provide lots of planning options according to your needs.We provides end to end matrimonial solutions to our clients which includes Pre-matrimonial checks,free Horoscope,Meeting places,Vivah advice’s and Costumes,Honeymoon packages and many more.

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