One of the first and important things you should do while planning for your marriage is to select the best wedding venue for your marriage. If you are planning for a large gathering, it should be easy to locate and if you planning for a unique venue, it should be such that it will make your wedding day truly memorable.

Hotel/Banquets Vivah:

The days have passed when marriages used to take place at the bride’s house which was considered as ritual and bride’s parents had to manage the whole marriage in their house big or small. The problems associated with the venue lead to the new tradition of doing the marriages in hotels or banquets so that there is proper space for carrying out the ceremonies.

The banquet hall provides the options of whole packages of decorated hall, catering as well as services. The hotel staff provides the best possible arrangements for the wedding. Everyone in the family and all the guests feel very comfortable in this type of wedding venues as there is proper  space and everything is systematic.

Hotel/Banquet Vivah is the good option for you as you don’t have to worry about the arrangem,nts and can concentrate on rituals and ceremonies. Sometimes the problem people face in these type of venues is that there is no availability of rooms for guests although there is facility for Bride’s room.

Farm House Vivah:

Farm house vivah is the most popular trend nowadays as it makes your wedding the most unforgettable event of your life. The farm houses mainly are not only limited to wedding day ceremonies but also the pre wedding and post wedding ceremonies are conducted at these venues.The decoration and catering are also provided by the farm houses, though some give the option to choose your own decorators and caterers.

Farm houses also give you the option of arranging some rooms for your guests.

Palace Vivah:

A regal style of marriage has always been a kind of experience not only for Indians but the foreigners too. Have you ever thought of marrying like a prince or princess? Palace Vivah is the perfect option for you to realize your dreams.



Beach Vivah:

If you are looking for a small, simple, and beautifully natural wedding, a beach vivah is the perfect option for you. But this doesn’t mean that beach wedding is not for you if you want a grand wedding. Getting married on a beach is a dream come true for many people. Beach is a unique and exciting wedding venue right on the sand of the beautiful  destination.




Park/Lawn Vivah:

If you like the open sky, twinkling stars and fresh blowing breeze, park/lawn wedding is the right option for you. Park wedding is a very convenient option for the host as parks are easily available and approachable. Getting married close to the natural beauty could be an ideal way to start a happy and successful life.

The parks can be decorated by the hosting party or professional decorators and caterers can be hired.




Cruise Vivah:

Since the days of the ‘Loving boat”, a cruise has been considered as the wonderful choice for a cruise wedding. Many cruise lines provide cruise wedding packages and coordinators to make sure that your day is special and runs smoothly.

You have the option to combine your wedding and honeymoon into one memorable seagoing vacation.
However, planning and executing a successful cruise wedding can be a challenge, especially if you’re not aware of the local regulations and marriage licensing requirements of your chosen wedding site.

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