Now that you are planning for your wedding the major decision will be how the décor of the wedding should be. A beautifully decorated and romantic wedding ceremony can make a lasting impression. People love to go to weddings that have beautifully decorated ceremonies. When it comes to wedding decoration, no matter where you have your wedding there are only two types weddings. An inside wedding or an outside wedding.

If you decide on an outdoor wedding location you will need to plan for bad weather by providing an alternate shelter. Another problem with outdoor weddings can be the wind, especially if you are having a beach wedding. If you’ve chosen a beautiful beach for your wedding spot, you have to arrange everything accordingly so that you are protected from direct wind.

Outdoor wedding decor is usually simplistic. The basic idea of an outside wedding is to enjoy close to nature. Couples who enjoy being outside likes to go for a favorite garden, a beautiful beach setting, or their own backyard. When getting outdoor wedding decoration ideas, keep it simple and let nature speak for itself. Decorating these with, balloons, flowers, or lights is a great way to add some style and beauty to the scene. Chair covers are another way to add some beauty to your wedding ceremony and wedding reception decor.

If your wedding takes place in the late evening you will need lights. Garden weddings look best when lit up with garden type lights. Many brides like to choose the eco-friendly solar garden lights because there are no cords and are cost effective. “Christmas” lights are also used to wrap around trees and accent other garden features. Planning the wedding inside is easier than the outdoor wedding as you don’t have to fight the outdoor elements.

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